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The Joyous Agile Employee Feedback Manifesto

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Twenty years ago, the team who wrote the Agile Manifesto realised we were prioritising the wrong things in the way we work. They came up with a set of values that form the Agile Manifesto and in turn, changed the way organisations work around the world.

We set out to fix employee feedback for Agile enterprises.
To make it something that supports an Agile mindset and reinforces Agile principles.

Over the past few years working with Agile enterprises, we’ve come to realise that in much the same way, the solution involves re-thinking what we value when it comes to employee feedback.

So we wrote The Agile Employee Feedback Manifesto.

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Agile Employee Feedback

Employee Feedback that works with your Agile strategy, not against it

Similar to the original Agile Software Development Manifesto, the Agile Employee Feedback Manifesto is all about looking at our priorities:

Business outcomes
over measurement and compliance.

Open and owned
over anonymous and unowned.

Frequent small actions
over big slow actions.

Getting feedback to where it’s useful
over respecting the hierarchy.

Participation and inclusion
over rigid experimental- design.

Usefulness for employees above everything else.

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