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EBook: Invisible Employees

Connecting with your deskless workforce

Everyone knows it’s important to build a workplace where people aren’t excluded on the grounds of race, age or gender.

But there are other signs your workplace might be throwing up invisible barriers. If you’ve got a distributed workforce but you never hear from the people who work in your stores, drive your trucks, clean your hotels or pour your concrete, then this book is for you.


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 Bring everyone into the conversation

If you’re not asking frontline workers for their ideas on improving customer experience, you’re really missing out.


When you want to know how customers feel and what aspects of customer experience you can improve, you ask them – most service companies use some form of Voice of the Customer or NPS survey.

It also makes sense to ask front-line employees what they see in their day to day work. Because these people work most closely with customers, they’re going to be able to give you information that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Every employer should care about employee experience

Quick recap: employee experience is everything people think, feel, do or encounter at work. If this experience is negative it can lead to poor performance, low engagement and unfavourable business results. We already know that deskless workers make up the majority of the workforce, so be sure you work with them to make their experience a positive one.

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The Invisible Employee EBook gives you practical steps you can take in your business to improve engagement with your frontline staff and remote employees.

Ensure you're not missing out on valuable feedback or making any of your staff feel invisible.

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