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The Agile Adoption Conversation Guide

Everything you need to start talking about Agile adoption at work


The Agile Adoption guide is a set of 24 conversations geared to increase Agile adoption and performance in squads.

This set is designed to:
1. Uplift growth mindset adoption in individuals
2. Improve collaboration at a squad level
3. Assist with diagnosing and addressing Agile risks at the enterprise level

Agile squads work in a collaborative and self organising way. An individual’s ability to adapt to new practices and processes plays an important role in their success within the squad.

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Reduce adoption time for Agile practices and increase adoption of Agile mindset in year one

The Joyous Performance Model



Technology & Environment
Physical environment, Delivery pipeline, Systems

Responsibilities, Team structure, Governance

Rituals, Planning, Performance


- Collaboration
- Adaptability
- Learning cycles
- Fairness / inclusion
- Well-being

Improving individual mindset and squad collaboration will boost squad productivity and increase the speed at which you deliver value to your customer.

Conversations designed for Agile

Each week a conversation is started from a different category from the set developed by Joyous, ensuring balanced insights.

Joyous conversations don’t bruise egos or invite criticism. They’re about an individual’s experience within their squad, and are designed to encourage everyone to participate openly.

The set uses common Agile terms like our squad, delivering value to customers, and Agile way of working. Language is familiar and easy to understand so everyone can contribute.


Agile question framework

All squad members are asked the same question at the same time across the entire organisation.

  • This gives the organisation an Agile index informing the likely performance level at any given time.

  • Within squads, people can see the responses of other members in their squads, and can take part in conversations with each other around these important topics, which include mindset (similar to the questions I asked you above), but also all the other facets of Agile.

  • The organisation can gain insights from detailed theme analysis across the Joyous squad conversations, informing action and bigger refinements across the organisation.

  • Above all, asking these questions of individuals on a regular basis helps individuals to self-identify, self-organise and continuously improve. Without relying on prompts from another Agile stakeholder to drive this mindset.


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