Live Webinar:
Creating an Inclusive Employee Feedback Culture with Joyous.

A successful employee feedback program goes far beyond simply sending surveys to your staff once or twice a year. Join our next live webinar to learn how to create an inclusive feedback culture:

Make it easy to talk about work.
Collect feedback in a way that is easy for everyone from your executive to frontline staff who don't work at computers.

Make feedback an ongoing conversation.
Send short questions on a regular basis, follow-up on questions and have meaningful conversations with staff.

Make feedback easy to measure and understand.
Ensure feedback is collected systematically and then quickly identify areas of concern with organisation-wide filters and drill-downs.


Save your spot:

Engage Employees with Conversational Feedback

We'll show you how Joyous encourages people to have conversations about their work. You’re not filling in surveys. You’re answering simple questions using text, photos or video. Managers and team mates are responding to those answers with their own feedback. Everything becomes a conversation.

And Joyous supports all kinds of feedback. You'll see how easy it is to set up a Joyous Campaign for weekly structured feedback on employee engagement.

The Joyous mobile employee feedback interface

View Feedback Across Teams with the Joyous Live Feed

We'll show you how your managers get a live feed of what’s happening in the team, across all types of feedback. They can see who’s answering questions, and what they’re talking about. This means managers can respond right away: providing encouragement, clarifying issues or dealing with concerns. Those messages appear in the employees dialog.

The Joyous manager live feed - view of all your employee feedback

Quickly Identify Strengths and Weaknesses with Joyous Insights

Learn how every manager can extract helpful, usable insights. We'll show you how easy it is to explore answers, drill into drivers, and filter on function, teams and sentiment. 

Joyous executive insights - view organisational performance over time